Air Conditioning Maintenance, Granite Falls, NC

We take care of regular air conditioning maintenance, leaving you very little to do!

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Granite Falls, North CarolinaIt is safe to say that you will get comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services when you call on us at Comfort First Heating & Air, Inc. once or twice a year to service your Granite Falls, North Carolina home’s air conditioning equipment. What you may not realize is that although we are doing the bulk of the maintenance for you, there are still a few things you should do in between our visits. Here’s what you should know about what to leave for us and what you can do yourself.

Air Conditioning Maintenance We Do:

  • Inspect Thermostat- We ascertain that your thermostat is calibrated properly and may discuss replacement if it isn’t functioning properly or you could benefit from a programmable one.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts- There are more moving parts than you might think inside your air conditioner, and to keep them moving smoothly and efficiently, lubrication is necessary.
  • Blower- We inspect, clean, and adjust the blower for maximum efficiency and proper airflow.
  • Cleaning- The evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned to prolong the life of the equipment and allow it to operate efficiently for lower cooling costs.
  • Drain- The condensate drain is inspected and cleaned, if needed, so the condensate drains outside where it won’t cause water damage in your home.
  • Check Controls & Connections- Loose connections can shut down your system and cause damage, so it is important to make certain everything is good and tight.
  • Check Refrigerant- A leak can result in being undercharged, and it could have been overcharged at installation. Neither of these is a favorable situation, so we check the level, and if it is low, we check for leaks.

Air Conditioning Maintenance You Can Do:

  • Change Filter(s)- Know where your AC return filters are and change them every month. This is an easy task that can save you a lot of headaches.
  • Landscaping- Check to be sure your landscaping is at least 18 inches away from the exterior unit and remove any debris that has fallen on or around it. If it is dirty, it is best to hose it down with a light spray from your garden hose.
  • Keep Vents Clear- Be sure the supply and return vents in your home aren’t blocked by furniture, carpeting, window treatments, shoes, or other items.

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