There are some things that you attempt to milk every minute out of before you replace them. However, if your home’s AC system is nearing retirement, it may not be in your best interest to wait till it fails to replace it. Here are the main reasons why you should consider AC replacement as soon as possible.

  1. Energy Savings – There are two ways your current AC is costing you money. The first is that it was manufactured at a time when the required SEER rating was less than it is now, so even at its best performance, it is taking more power to operate. The second is that, as a system ages, it runs less efficiently. If your AC is several years old, it is costing you more to operate than you might think. The energy savings you’ll experience with a more efficient system will aid in recouping the cost for the AC replacement. Delaying is just more money that is gone forever.
  2. Breakdown Potential – The chances of the AC breaking down are heightened with an old system and could leave you experiencing several days of discomfort while you wait for an appointment, a part to be found, or a replacement AC to be installed. If you get started with planning for AC replacement now, you’ll be ahead of the game and have less time without air conditioning.
  3. Help Someone Else – If your AC is still operational, it could be an upgrade for someone else who cannot afford a brand-new system. If their AC is even older than yours and a lower SEER rating, they will be thrilled to inherit your old system.

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