Gas Furnace

If you have a gas furnace, you understand that its regular maintenance is as important, if not more important, than maintenance for an electric furnace. There are several parts that can malfunction, such as the pilot light, which could leave you in a dangerous situation. Here are some tips about gas furnace maintenance that you should know to keep your family safe and protect your investment and budget.

  1. Frequency – Gas furnace maintenance should be done at least once annually, preferably in the fall before you’ll be turning it on for the first time. Some HVAC companies will tell you that an electric furnace can be checked every two years if it is a newer system, but skipping a year with a gas furnace is not advisable. It is also not a bad idea to have it serviced in the spring, so any issues can be addressed that may have occurred due to use throughout the winter season.
  2. Thorough Service – Be sure the company you choose is familiar with gas furnaces and their maintenance needs. They should conduct a thorough examination and clean the various parts, including the furnace ducts, vents, filter, blower, heat exchanger, and pilot light. They should check all connections and fittings to be sure there aren’t any leaks.
  3. Hire a Professional – It is tempting to conduct gas furnace maintenance yourself, but unless you are experienced with the type of furnace you have, you could easily miss something and not end up with a furnace operating at peak efficiency.

Here at Comfort First Heating & Air, Inc., we have nearly 20 years of experience with heating and air conditioning equipment. Your gas furnace will be in capable hands, and you can be confident it will provide reliable service during the winter and operate efficiently. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get answers to any questions you may have.