have a holistic solution for your heating repair needs

Heating issues occurring early in the new year are nothing to celebrate, but being proactive with proper furnace maintenance can go a long way toward keep this problem at bay. There are simple, common-sense procedures, like keeping your furnace clean and tuned up and checking your filters, that can help prevent big issues.

But when a furnace cuts out after years of diligent service, these preventative measures aren’t going to bring the heat the way you like it. Now that you have to call someone, it’s a matter of knowing who’s going to provide you with the best heating repair value. In this situation, you’re better off going with a smaller family business whose local reputation is the thing keeping customers coming back.

If you’re in Hickory, North Carolina, we at Comfort First Heating & Air, Inc. have a holistic solution for your heating repair needs. We’re a family business and a certified Trane dealer, meaning we’re relying on our good name to keep our company going and we also offer reputable parts and equipment in case something needs replacing. As part of our mandate to be competitive and kindly, we always try to offer a price that won’t break your bank.

We can even arrange for emergency weekend repairs if you’re stuck for a solution. With nearly two decades of experience, we know how to fix a tough problem and have a smart selection of parts in stock. A sudden heating repair bill shouldn’t ruin your winter, and we’ll do our best to see that it doesn’t.