Furnace Service

For many people, early fall is a favorite time of year because the weather is often perfect for not needing either the AC or the furnace. When you are enjoying the resulting lower utility bill, it is easy to forget that in just a month or two, you’ll reluctantly turn the furnace on to get the chill out of your home. However, now is the perfect time to schedule annual furnace service, so you can be confident your furnace will operate as it should.

Turning on the furnace for the first time often comes with a sense of trepidation. Will it work properly? You can feel more at ease if you have had the furnace serviced and the technician has resolved any issues uncovered during their diagnostics. You can also have peace of mind that it is safe to turn on as there aren’t any hazardous situations going on.

Another reason this time of year is ideal for annual furnace service is because your furnace will be in its best condition and able to operate as efficiently as possible. Instead of getting that first month’s bill and realizing something is wrong because it is higher than it should be, you’ll be able to enjoy the lowest possible bill instead.

Finally, calling for furnace service in the early fall gets you on the appointment calendar sooner, as you aren’t vying for service among the many others who turn on their furnace the first time in late fall or early winter and found a problem. Your furnace service provider is often backed up the first couple of weeks of cold weather, so taking care of service now is a better option.

Here at Comfort First Heating & Air, Inc., we have proudly served the Hickory, North Carolina area with furnace service and other heating and cooling services since 2000. We service and repair all brands and types of furnaces, and we are well-known for affordable and friendly service. Call today to get your furnace checked out and ready for winter.