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Sign Up for Air Conditioner Maintenance!
Keep your air conditioner running efficiently with routine annual or semi-annual maintenance checks provided by us at Comfort First Heating & Air, Inc. Compared with the potential costs of major repairs, regular maintenance is a great way to preserve your budget and peace of mind.

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Every air conditioning maintenance check includes the following:

  •  Checking and adjusting refrigerant as necessary
  •  Lubricating motors and bearings as needed
  •  Testing and inspecting controls and safeties
  •  Replacing and changing air filters
  •  Testing capacitors
  •  Checking condensate drain for clogs
  •  Inspecting relays and contractors
  •  Checking the wiring for loose connections

Show your air conditioner some appreciation by signing up for regular maintenance! Fill out our contact form now, so we can give you more details.

Regular Maintenance Will Maximize Your AC!